Vin Diesel
Real name: Vril Dox
Species: Coluan
Gender: Male
First Appearance: Action Comics # 242 (Official)
Superman: The Coming of Brainiac (Fan Fiction)

Created by:

Otto Binder
Al Plastino

Team affiliations:



Genius-level intelligence
Superhuman strength
Portrayed by: Vin Diesel

Brainiac is a supervillain in the DC Comics Universe and a recurring foe of Superman. His real name is Vril Dox, a scientist from a race known as the Coluans. Vril Dox was considered an outlaw by his own people due to his interest in experimentation, since the Coluans preferred theoretical research. Banished from Colu, Vril Dox became Brainiac and decided to travel across the universe to increase his knowledge, believing that all the knowledge of the universe would allow him to evolve to perfection. His method consists in stealing the knowledge of various alien cultures, abducting and shrinking cities from each planet as samples, and then destroys the planet so that the value of the destroyed civilization's knowledge is increased. He even attacked Krypton and stole the city of Kandor, but was forced to retreat by the Kryptonian military forces before he could destroy Krypton. Years later, he finds about Earth and attacks it, only for Brainiac to encounter the last Kryptonian, Superman.

Officially, Brainiac first appeared in Action Comics # 242, but his first appearance in Leader Vladimir's fan fiction continuity was in Superman: The Coming of Brainiac.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit


Connection to Skull Ship: Brainiac's Skull Ship allows him to replicate several Kryptonian powers.

  • Superhuman Strength: Although the limits of Brainiac's strength are unknown, it is safe to assume that Brainiac's strength matches even that of Superman.
  • Invulnerability: Brainiac's Skull Ship also provides him with a high degree of invulnerability, which allows him to withstand blows from opponents with superhuman strength.


  • Genius-level Intellect: Brainiac is among the most intelligent beings in the universe, capable of solving long mathematical equations in a matter of seconds. understanding any kind of technology, and possessing knowledge of several alien civilizations.
  • Master Combatant: Due to the knowledge he has absorbed, Brainiac has gained an understanding of several alien fighting forms.