Morris Chestnut
Real name: John Henry Irons
Species: Human
Gender: Male
First Appearance: Adventures of Superman #500 (Official)
Superman: Revelations of the Multiverse (Fan Fiction)

Created by:

Louise Simonson
Jon Bogdanove

Team affiliations:

Superman Family


Powered armor that provides: Superhuman strength, speed, flight and durability
Portrayed by: Morris Chestnut

Steel is a DC Comics superhero and an ally of Superman. In his secret identity, he is John Henry Irons, the founder of the technology lab Steelworks. Originally, Irons was a weapons maker working for the government who was horrified that his work caused the deaths of many innocent people. He quit his job and became a steelworker under the assumed name "Henry Johnson." One day, a co-worker on a high-rise fell, and "Henry" swung out to save him, only to then fall and plummet towards his death. Luckily, Superman saved him. "Henry" told Superman "I owe you my life" and Superman replied by telling him he should make it count for something.

Inspired by Superman, Irons created a powered suit of armor and decided to use it to fight crime alongside Superman. Currently, Irons runs Steelworks to produce non-lethal weapons for the police and create more variants of the Steel armor. He remains as one of Superman's closest allies.

Steel was created by Louise Simonson and Jon Bogdanove. Officially, Steel first appeared in Adventures of Superman #500, but his first appearance in Leader Vladimir's fan fiction continuity was in Superman: Revelations of the Multiverse.