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Christopher Reeve Superman


Clark Kent

Current Alias



Superboy; Kal-El; Nightwing; Boy Scout; Red-Blue Blur; Blur; Smallville; Gangbuster


Journalist; Farmer; Superhero


Martha Kent (mother); Jonathan Kent (father); Lois Lane-Kent (wife); Christopher Kent (son); Clark Kent II (grandson); Linda Lee Danvers (cousin); Matthew Kent (brother); Conner Kent (half-clone/cousin); Jor-El (biological father, deceased); Lara Lor-Van (biological mother, deceased)




US Government; Justice League; Legion of Superheroes (honorary); Blue Lantern Corps (honorary); US Army


American; Kryptonian (honorary)



Superman is the first modern superhero, publicly showing himself rather than hiding his existence. He is Clark Kent, a reporter at the Daily Planet, and one of the most powerful, if not the most powerful, beings in the universe.


Clark Kent was born in Smallville, a small town outside of Cleveland, Ohio, in 1978. When the planet Krypton faced iminent destruction, the scientist Jor-El sent his pregnant wife Lara to Earth. She landed in Smallville, near Jonathan and Martha Kent, but was critically injured. She managed to give birth to an infant, who she named Kal-El, before dying. The Kents, who had just come back from the doctor after discovering that their unborn child would be a miscarriage, adopted the boy, named him Clark, and raised him as their own.

Clark was a weak child and often sick while growing up, but under Earth's yellow Sun and lesser gravity, he eventually developed amazing abilities. Clark was a fan of powerhero comics, especially of Powerman, the first comic book powerhero, and the Justice Society. After graduating from Smallville High School, he moved to Metropolis, where he studied journalism and law at the University of Metropolis. After he graduated, Clark took a five-year journey around the world, using his powers to help people wherever he could. When he returned to Metropolis in 2005, Clark became a journalist at the Daily Star, before moving to the Daily Planet two years later. That same year, Metropolis was plagued by a new outbreak of violence from Intergang, who had been using stolen LexCorp technology to create an army of superrobots. To protect the city, Clark publicly debuted as Superman.

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